Recommended ETS2 Mod

ETS2 – Dbmx Ayats Eclipse Basic (1.36.x)

3D Model: Cristobal Rodríguez Interior: Compa Yaso Skins: Goose Editing, Animation and Export: MaGo Supported game versions: ETS2 - (1.36.x)

Recommended ATS Mod

ATS – Meatballs Traffic Density V1.7.8 (1.33.x)

After a lot of playing with the numbers and experimenting I think I've figured out what some of it means and here is the...

Do you play more haulin?

18 Wos Haulin – Scania R580 HD

Scania R580 HD truck mod for Haulin. Supported game versions: 18 WoS Haulin V1.0 and 18 WoS Haulin V1.06