Recommended ETS2 Mod

ETS2 – International 9800 Truck (1.35.x)

Standalone Sold at MAN Own interior Your sounds (several options, depending on the brand of engine) Wheels Supports Advanced Hitch Support for DLC Cabin Accessories and SISL Mega Pack Custom tuning...

Recommended ATS Mod

ATS – Volvo N10 1994 V1.0 (1.30.x)

Volvo N10 1994 for ATS. Old school Brazilian Volvo N10 (1994) for ATS Standalone By at Volvo dealers in Las Vegas and Tucson. Added 540hp engine and few...

Do you play more haulin?

18 WoS Haulin – Solaan trailer

Solaan trailer mod for Haulin. Supported game versions: 18 WoS Haulin V1.0 and 18 WoS Haulin V1.06