Recommended ETS2 Mod

ETS2 – Sport Cars Traffic Pack By Trafficmaniac V3.7 (1.34.x)

Pack adds in traffic 99 sport and super cars: AC 378 GT Zagato Alfa Romeo 4C, 8C Competizione Arash AF10 Ascari A10 Aston Martin One 77, DB9 Volante, Rapide,...

Recommended ATS Mod

ATS – Volvo 9800 4X2 Bus Mod (1.28.X)

Volvo 9800 4X2 Bus Mod. Kenworth gallery. Standalone model. Interior. Some engines. Sound. Supported game versions: ATS – 1.28.X

Do you play more haulin?

18 WoS Haulin – Kenworth W900-L DC Logger

Kenworth W900-L DC Logger truck mod for Haulin. Supported game versions: 18 WoS Haulin V1.0 and 18 WoS Haulin V1.06 Installation: Add in trucks_storage.sii this line: @include "definition/2004w900log.sii" in camera_storage.sii @include...