Category: ETS 2 Mods


ETS 2 – Scania G420 + Trailer V4.0 (1.28.X)

Scania G420 + Trailer Mod. -5 series cabin. -Compatible versions 1.27 and 1.28 are no problem. -National Window Flags dlc. -Cabin Accessories. -Motor voice. -Brake sounds. -Sailor horn. -Custom leather upholstery.-Cabin light. Supported game versions: ETS 2 – 1.27.X and 1.28.X


ETS 2 – Renault Fluence Car Mod (1.28.X)

Renault Fluence Car Mod. Renault gallery. 2009-2013 variants. 4 rims. Mettalic color. Lightmask. Gauages / mirrors / wipers are working. Cabin DLC. Cabin LED. Full HQ interior and exterior. GPS. You can enable cabin Led with O key. Only works Mettallic color. Supported game versions: ETS...