Freightliner C120 Century & Columbia V1.3 ATS 1.40

Changelog v1.3
– New sounds in the cabin, noyly sound of the pneuma and gearbox.
– Added new light salon “Light”.
– Changed and improved some textures inside the cabin.
– Added new seats model.
– Fixed headlights

!! no longer need Freightliner C120 Century & Columbia Fix !!
All changes are made to the main mod!

Sold in Freightliner.
2 Cabs – Century & Columbia
9 chassis
His sounds
Support DLC Cabin Accessories, Sisl’s Mega Pack
Support cables
Support for animation windows

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.40.x)

Authors: Authors: Alexander Sentayakov, Schurik43rus, Renenate, Dark Lord, Virat8 (BluePrint Mods). Alteration: Bruh_ma (models, textures), vasja555 (sound, registration), kororuz (adaptation under 1.40, bug fixes)

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