Freightliner Fld V2.2 Fixed ATS (1.45)

American Truck Simulator Freightliner FLD V2.2 Fixed mod download.

Crash error fixed
Updated october 2022 FASTER MODDING
Freightliner FLD v2.1
Buy at the Freightliner Dealer

Tested on ATS
1.45 will not work on older game versions

Harven,Lucasi,Odd_fellow gave full permission to add his FLD to the workshop.
-Fully gone thru and tested with no errors but like all mods conflicts may occur on your end depending what mods you use.

by Harven…
Extensive cleaning of the clutter, warnings and errors, wipers and mirrors, OpenGL, continous updating
Minor file editing and new icons by Lucasi
by Faster…
Update materials accesorys and new anims

Also supports SisL Cabin accessories

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.45

Authors: Odd_fellow, Harven, Update FASTER CGO (FASTER MODDING)

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