Hungary Map V0.9.28D ETS2 (1.45)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Hungary Map V0.9.28d mod download.

Changelog v0.9.28d for 1.45
This is a compatibility update that does not yet include new areas, onlyminor refactorings: e.g. In Pusztaszabolcs, the area around thechurch(s) and the railway station, in Pusztavacs (between Örkény andAlbertirsa), the “Signal Tower” marking the center of the country, andmany minor repairs.

Unzippingthe .7z file will result in 3 .scs files, which will be copied to the”mod” folder and then activated in the “Mod manager” of profile.
Afterreducing the 4 files used so far to 3 files (hungary_base.scs,hungary_model.scs and hungary_def.scs), only these are needed, all canbe deleted!

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.45

Authors: Indian56, Frank007

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