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Island Map V0.5.0 ATS 1.40

Check out the Island Map Plan on Google Maps.

Load Order:
– Midwest Expansion
– Canadream
– Coast to Coast
– Mega Resources C2C Patch 3 (Required if using C2C or Canadream with Island Map)
– Mega Resources
– Island Map
– Promods: Canada Load Order
– Reforma: Sierra Nevada
– PaZzMod
– Mexssimap
– Chihuahua
– Mexico Extremo
– Viva Mexico
*Bolded items = Required mods for Island Map to work.

People have been having issues with crashes when using MUO and Island Map together. I’m not sure why this is as of now. I will look into making a patch soon. It’s weird.

As of now, Minor Urban Overhal is not compatible with Island Map.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.40.x)

Authors: Duckie

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