Kenworth W900L – Big Bob Long Distance Edition V3.5.2 ETS2 1.40

Kenworth W900L – “Big Bob” 3.5.2 by Kenworth_John 2021

“Turn up the volume of your sound system and drive for hours…”
Max out Truck engine, exhaust volume.
Turbo volume, effects, noise, interior sounds etc. at 90 percent. Find your sweet spot.
No sound issue: Sell truck, drive in-game truck, buy truck again, then there’s sound.

Version 3.5.2 for ATS 1.40.x+
Fixed, Updated, Upgraded by Kenworth_John 2021.

This last version contains all former versions / fixes / upgrades:
Original mod V. 3.4 Big Bob, last edited by vasja555
Patch to 1.40 by Giovanni Battiston
Patch to 1.40 Rev. A by kenworth_john
Patch to 1.40 Rev. B by kenworth_john
Version 3.5.1 with Cat C-16 by kenworth_john

Changes in 3.5.2 with new Detroit DD16 and 13+1 transmisson and so on:
– minor fixes, descriptions in truck manager, some sounds, typographical error ‘disel’ on dashboard
– added air gear sound for better atmosphere when driving
– added minor traffic influence, for more real life behavior of ai traffic
Traffic mods will overwrite this file. You can delete or rename traffic.sii in \\def for ‘no influence’.
The number of cars has to be changed in ATS config.cfg (uset g_traffic 2.5 or 3 for example)
– added Detroit DD16 engine with real life specs, took great sound of dd60. sound is nearly the same in real life as DD16.
– added N14 tuned with real life specs, took great sound of original N14. that is really okay.
– added M11 reworked with real life specs
– updated transmission files, engine brake, retarder, shift time for ATS 1.40+
– added some transmissions, especially the Eaton Ultrashift 13+1 speeds and some gear ratio

The hand crafted torque curves already change the original sound of the engines.
There is no real need to make new sound banks.

Pro tip: Choose the Eaton 13-speed retarder 3.55 ratio transmission or the 13+1. try ‘shifting’ and ‘automatic’.
Shifting always makes the best sound.
Turn up the volume of your sound system for best experience.

–Sadly, transmission and engine mods will not work on this mod. tried to fix, but it was not possible.–

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.40.x)

Authors: Big Bob

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