Low Deck Chassis Addon For Scs Renault Range T & T Evo V1.6 ETS2 1.41

Changelog v1.6
-Updated for 1.41

Changelog v1.5
-Fixed the turn signals on headlights.

Changes v1.4
-Updated for 1.39

Changes v1.3
-Updated manifest file for 1.38.
-Fixed collision.

Changes v1.2
-Added new type of fueltanks.
-Added new spoiler for High cab.
-Fixed shadow on Sleeper raised spoiler.
-Fixed rear fenders position for last steam version.
-Added UI icons by m1keY.

-Added 3 types of small fueltanks.
-More realistic big fueltanks chassis.
-Moved the 5th wheel 1 bolt forward.
-Added raised spoiler for Sleeper cab.

-Added low deck rear top fenders.
-Added low deck rear mudflaps.
-Added low deck front chassis fenders without mudflaps.
-Added raised spoiler.
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.41.x)

Authors: Sogard3, m1keY, Galimim, SCS.

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