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Low Deck Chassis Addons For Schumis Trucks V4.8.2 ETS2 1.39

Changelog v4.8.2
-Fixed DAF XF Euro6 for version 3.7 1.39.
-Fixed Iveco Hi-Way for version 3.1 1.39.
-Fixed DAF XF 105 for version 2.9 1.39.
-Fixed Mercedes New Actros for version 2.5 1.39.

Changelog v4.8.1
-Fixed Mercedes Actros MP3 for version 3.5 1.39.
-Fixed the color on painted parts for MP3.
-Fixed the inside view of front bumpers for MP3.
-Added more realistic front fenders for MP3 Low cab(You have to select different sideskirts now).

Changelog v4.8
-Fixed Renault Premium for version 5.1 1.39.
-Fixed Volvo FH 2009 for version 1.8 1.39.
-New chassis for Renault Premium, 500l + 300l fueltanks
-Fixed the color on Renault Premium spoilers.
-Added rear fenders from Schumi on Renault Premium.
-Added new chassis for Volvo FH 2009 with large fueltank on left side.
-Added low deck spoiler for Volvo FH 2009 XL cab.
-Added rear fenders from Schumi on Volvo FH 2009.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: Sogard3

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