Map Harsh Russian Siberia R14 ETS2 1.39

Changelog R14
Map adapted for the game version 1.39
Added cities from Taishet to Voznesensk.

Map harsh Russian Siberia R14.
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To start the card, you must disable all DLC

In the archive 11 files
Icy. Siberian.scs.
S.Sibir R14 1.39 Lock.scs
S.Sibir R14 1.39 MAP.SCS
S.R.Sibir R14 1.39 MAP2.SCS
S.Sibir R14 1.39 MAP3.SCS
S.Sibir R14 1.39 MAP4.scs
S.Sibir R14 1.39 MAP5.SCS
S.Sibir R14 1.39 maple6.scs
S.Sibir R14 1.39 MAP7.SCS
S.Sibir_Frosty_7_5 1.39
S.Sibir R14 1.36 Tandem.scs

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: goba6372

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