Minimal Adviser Interface ETS2 (1.42.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Minimal Adviser interface mod download.

This is a minimalist user interface that changes the Adviser panels in the game by adding a bottom info bar and replacing the Navigator screen.
All backgrounds are vector based to give a smooth uniform look.
The interface was created so that you can maintain information on the screen in the smallest format possible without the Navigator screen showing.

The Navigator screen (GPS) has been changed so that it toggles either on or off with F3.
Hit F3 once to show the bottom bar and GPS, hit it again to hide the GPS so that you can use in-dash GPS unobstructed with the bottom bar.

Info panels use the same keybinds as default. F6 for job information. F7 for truck damage status. F8 for info panel. F5 will turn an active info panel off.

The new bottom bar has information shown for (from left to right):
Running line information
Truck damage
Current speed with speeding indicator highlight
Current gear
Fuel level
Game time
ETA (now always shown with bar)

Navigation screen:
Can be hidden independently from the bottom bar (F3)
Smooth, solid background.

Information panels:
Relocated to be at steering wheel
Independent of the Navigation screen
Unfixable Minor Issue: Navigation screen will not update animation when an information panel is active.
In-dash GPS is not affected by this issue and will keep animating.

Convoy Update

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.42.x

Authors: ptr1ck

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