Minor Urban Overhaul V15 ATS (1.44)

American Truck Simulator Minor Urban Overhaul V15 mod download.

Changelog v15
Actual additions in this update rather than just fixes and official patch compatibility, they are:

•I-17 in Phoenix widened.
•I-80 in San Francisco (Bay Bridge) widened.
•Northbound I-5 south of Seattle widened near the weigh station.
•Assorted corrections.

Changelog v14.1
Removed some invisible walls on the inner lanes at the northern end of the 101 in San Fran

Changelog v14.0
Update for 1.44
Changes to the Bay Area have been brought back

•I-5 widened to 2×4 from San Diego to just north of Los Angeles (originally a mix of 2×2 and 2×3)
•I-5 narrowed to 2×2 from Sacramento to Redding (originally 2×3)
•I-10 widened to 2×4 from Los Angeles to Palm Springs (originally 2×3 and 2×2)
•US 101 widened to 2×4 in the Bay Area and near Los Angeles (originally 2×2 and 2×3 respectively)
•I-580 (the California one) widened to 2×4 from the I-5 junction to Richmond (originally 2×2)
•I-80 widened to 2×4 from Richmond to SR37 and 2×3 up to Sacramento (originally 2×2)
•CA-99 widened to 2×3 near Bakersfield and 2×4 in Bakersfield (originally 2×2)
•Some very minor signage changes, mostly getting rid of “Carlsbad” being posted everywhere.
•Areas near Los Angeles, the SF Bay area and Sacramento more “urbanized”
•Downtown Los Angeles remodeled.

Fresno,CA-99 is done up to halfway to Fresno and vanilla signage has beenreplaced with the post-Arizona sign templates in the Los Angeles areaand the reworked CA-99 area. Had to take some artistic liberties in someplaces due to how different the road network is in the game compared toreal life.

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.44

Authors: Quaristice

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