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Multiple Trailers In Traffic ATS (1.42.x)

American Truck Simulator Multiple Trailers in Traffic mod download.

New version numbering scheme (!)
International LT B-cab double.
Lots more variety of cargo on the double and triple lowboys.
Removed the separate trucks for the Heavy Cargo and Forestry addons. There was probably a good reason for having these at the time but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.
All lowboy & forestry trailers are now treated as singles so they’ll show up on all road types even if you don’t have a mod installed that changes where doubles can appear.
Each lowboy cargo has a single trailer def with assorted variants, to make it fairer.
What used to be the lowboy mod now has flatbeds too, with all the available cargo options featuring somewhere.
New Volvo Construction Equipment addon
Low spawn frequency option for folks not using other truck traffic mods.
Fixed error that was causing Turnpike Double sliding tarp trailers to appear everywhere.

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.42.x

Authors: Mr Larrington

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