Next Generation Scania P G R S V2.4.1 Rel ETS2 (1.42.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Next Generation Scania P G R S V2.4.1 Rel mod download.

Changelog v2.4.1 Release
– Angles morts stickers accessories for all cabs
– Front camera model
– GPS brightness fix

– P cab (made in kind coopereation with Yukine, hats off to him)
– G cab (own development)
– New spoilers system (roof and side deflectors are bought separetly now)
– New 65 cm spoiler (P and G only now)
– Raised options for spoilers
– New rear fender system (fender top is bought separetly now)
– New medium-height fender top (doesn’t clip with trailers)
– New side storage options
– Changed 5th wheel
– 540 hp engine option
– Air filter as separate accessory
– localization tweaks
– Reworked side panels
– a small extra accessory

A couple of disclaimers:
– Not all of the announced features are included in this update: 40mm bumper, top exhausts, rigids are not ready.
– Mighty Griffin DLC support for P & G series will follow a bit later (needs more polishing

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.42.x

Authors: Eugene

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