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Optimized Textures Fox For Mod Improvd Trains ATS 1.40

This patch is intended to eliminate lags and freezes in the game when using the Improved Trains mod.
Allows you to run the Long Trains addon (up to 150 carriages) even on weak computers.
Works with any version of the mod.

This patch should have the highest priority in the mod manager in relation to all mods that improve textures in the game,
be sure to put it above all the mods for trains and mods that add real company logos

Since the patch uses the textures of the loads from DLC Heavy Cargo Pack at a lower resolution,
it is not recommended to look at them in detail when transporting them by truck on trawls (humor).

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.40.x)

Authors: author: Serialblack. support: POWE®FULL.

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