ATS – Viva Mexico Map V2.4.1 [Durango] (1.29.X)

Viva Mexico Map Mod. This version – Compatible ATS 1.29.x – Compatible DLC New Mexico (con o sin DLC) After updating the maps – Coast to Coast Map – CanaDream A version of the map…

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ATS – Freightliner FLB Truck V2.0 (1.29.X)

Freightliner FLB Truck Mod. –== Version 2.0 ==– – Reworked cab model to look more like real FLB truck, – All cab rivets moved to the normal map texture, – All included skins adjusted by…

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ATS – 50 New Loading Screens Mod (1.29.X)

50 New Loading Screens Mod. Mod adds in game 50 new loading screens. Supported game versions: ATS – 1.29.X

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ATS – Military Cargo Pack v 1.1 (1.29.X)

Military Cargo Pack Mod. Pack adds in game 16 military cargo. All standalone. Works on any map. Compatible with all my packs. Version 1.1 – added new trailer with 4 variants of Humvee. Supported game…

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ATS – Real Logos Mod (1.29.X)

Real Logos Mod. – This mod change a lot of logos in the game for real; – Changes a lot, to list all makes no sense; – Mod adds realism to the game. Supported game…

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ATS – New USA Trailers Pack (1.29.X)

New USA Trailers Pack Mod. Version: 2.0 Credits: BigBadWerewolf (new skins, adding cargoes, minor original textures changes); FastFox (Bad Dragon skin); Cyrus TheVirus, David Corley, Solaris36, Stewowe (original “USA Trailers Pack Update 1.3” mod); SCS…

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