Project Realistic Textures V1.4 ETS2 1.41

Changes in 1.4
All rain settings are removed, the standard SCS rain will be used, or from the mod to rain (set above)
Deleted traffic light settings, standard SCS traffic will be used
Returning the default light of street lamps, to eliminate the conflict with other mods by changing the lighting.

The mod is repackaged and is now defined in the mod manager

Changes in 1.3
The mod is repackaged and is now defined in the mod manager
New textures for roads and vegetation
New warehouse textures
New textures of the gas station
New motel textures
New wall textures
Improved rain sounds and textures.
Sounds in Fmod

Mod replaces various textures in the game with more realistic ones, changes lighting, improves graphics
The mod completely changes all the graphics in the game and gives the game new colors.

New graphics improvements, good LED lighting at night, colors and light sources in lamp posts, streets, roads, gas stations and warehouses.

– New textures of the road and vegetation
– New textures in stores
– New textures at gas stations
– New textures in hotels
– New barriers on highways
– New improvements in rain, big drops.
– New improvements in weather and lighting
– Compatible with Promods map

Compatible with other weather mods (not seasonal).
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.41.x)

Authors: MG Media Graphics, update & changes mods82

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