Rain & Wiper Noise Mod V1 ATS 1.39

Rain & Wiper Noise Mod

**Only works with ATS v1.39**

A simple mod that replaces the stock cabin rain sounds and wiper sounds with new ones. The rain sound will increase with intensity when the rain falls harder. I’ve balanced the volume so that it doesn’t overpower any other sounds, especially the engine, which is more realistic. The wiper sounds will randomise between various samples, including the sound of the wiper dragging!

Please note: This mod is universal and will work with all vehicles. Always place this mod at the top for it to work, if it still doesn’t work after placing the mod at the top of the load order, then it’s likely another mod is conflicting with it.

I hope you enjoy these sounds.

Compatible with:
ATS v1.39.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.39.x)

Authors: Zeemod

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