Real Companies, Gas Stations & Billboards V3.01.17 ATS (1.43.x)

American Truck Simulator Real Companies, Gas Stations & Billboards V3.01.17 mod download.

This mod will change the vanilla companies to real brands, changes gas stations, shop textures and billboards to get a more real life experience.

Version 3.01.17 – Bugfix Walmart trailers

The gas stations are still WIP. We change the gasstations one by one and release them when one is finished. So please be patient, other brands will be changed and if possible the huge amount of Chevron and Texaco will be reduced, so more brands can make it to the game.

This mod changes:
* Deliverable SCS-companies to real companies
* SCS company trailers to real company trailers
* SCS fastfoodrestaurants to real restaurants
* Billboards including Las vegas
* Las vegas hotel names
* Airplane liveries
* UPS and Fed-ex stepvans
* SCS shop names to real shop names
* Roadservice signs
* Various small signs, containers and vehicles

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.43.x

Authors: MLH82

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