Real Companies, Gas Stations & Billboards V3.01.31 ATS (1.45)

American Truck Simulator Real Companies, Gas Stations & Billboards V3.01.31 mod download.

Changelog 3.01.31
Changed Haullet to 76
Improved LOD distance parked trailers
Improved LOD distance Greyhound bus
Changed 2 chevy trucks for fast food companies
General bug fixes version 3.01.29.

This mod changes:
Deliverable SCS companies to real companies
SCS company trailers to real company trailers
SCS fast food restaurants to real restaurants
Billboards, including Las Vegas
Las Vegas hotel names
Airplane liveries
UPS and FedEx step vans
SCS shop names to real shop names
Road service signs
Various minor signs, containers and vehicles

Works with:
ATS versions 1.40 to 1.45
Most commonly used map mods (Pro mods, C2C, Team Reforma)
Most common traffic-skin mods (e.g. SiSL’s, various real company for van’s mods)

Does not work with:
Any other real company mods (e.g. Grimes, P16, any revival mod)
Any other texture-changing mod. (e.g. Keeper’s, real corner shops).
Any other billboard mod (e.g. real advertisement)
Any other real gas station mods
Any other real corner shop mods

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.45

Authors: scs, MLH82

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