Real Companies, Gas Stations & Billboards V3.02.07 ATS (1.46)

American Truck Simulator Real Companies, Gas Stations & Billboards V3.02.07 mod download.

General corrections of night lighting
Additions are updated
Fixed the problem with Radioshack
Added small Subway sign
Several small corrections

Changelog v3.02.06:
* General nightlight-fixes after update 3.02.04.
* Billboards updated

Changelog v3.02.04:
* Changed WP to Travel America (except 3D logo station roofs)
* Changed 76 to Love’s
* Changed Truckworks to Ryder truck repair
* Changed some legacy gasstation and gas shops
* Reworked ADM entrance sign
* Reworked Rustic entrance sign
* Reworked Exxon totems
* Reworked Shell totem
* Reworked Georgia Pacific entrance sign
* Reworked UPS totems
* Reworked 3M building sign
* Reworked Chevron driver totem
* Reworked Subway totem
* Updated Walmart logo colors to current real life colors
* Updated Coca-Cola logo
* Bugfix tesla logo color
* Bugfix no prices on gas station totems

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.46

Authors: MLH82

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