Real Companies, Shops & Billboards V2.2.22 ATS 1.40

Version 2.2.22:
– Updated logos
– changed the logos of 20 companies on the navigation signs in the style of Colorado
– changed H. M. S. to Liebherr machinery
– added Liebherr Rotation construction sign
– replaced Ford dealers with Volvo dealers in Utah
– various bug fixes

The mod changes default companies to real brands, store textures, and billboards.

37 stock brands, BP and Texaco gas stations, Motel 6, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Super8 hotels, IFLOP on Ihop, fast food restaurants in Colorado, 112 billboards in all states, partly with seasonal advertising, Rays burgers on Mc Donalds, about 15 store names, Las Vegas hotels on real names, flying aircraft livery (B747).

Works with:
– most frequently used map mods (ProMods, C2C, Great America, Pazz mod, Sierra Nevada)
– the most common traffic skin mods (for example, SiSL, various real companies for van mods)
Supported game versions: ATS – (1.40.x)

Authors: MLH82

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