Realistic Economy Mod Beta ATS (1.42.x)

American Truck Simulator Realistic Economy Mod Beta mod download.

CURRENT MARKET RATES (As of October 18th, 2021)
Freight Market Jobs: $2.82/mile Average
Cargo Market Jobs: $2.85/mile Average

Cargo availability is 70%

The mod is expected to work with a majority of all cargo and trailer mods. However, some rates per mile may be higher or lower than normal with certain trailer mods that have their own unique cargo and internal rate per kilometer/mile information.

There are a couple of different ways you can get started.

Start a new profile with the Economy Mod enabled:
-You’ll start off as a company driver limited to quick jobs.
-It may take you quite a while to get to the point of being able to purchase your own truck without taking out a loan; but you’ll feel the most accomplished once you’re able to do so after all your hard work.

Use an existing profile with the Economy Mod enabled:
If you already have your own truck; using an existing profile would be one of the easiest ways to get your career going with the mod enabled.
Once activated; the mod will lower your skill level to match the settings of the economy mod.
Any skill unlocks (HazMat Cargo, Distance, Urgent Deliveries, etc) you have already unlocked will not be affected, however it will take longer for you to fully unlock these skills if you have not done so already.
The less money you have when the mod is enabled the better the challenge. To give yourself a better challenge once enabling the mod; try to have no more than $10’000 in the bank.

Be sure to have paid off any existing loans prior to enabling the mod. Existing loans will still be active once you turn on the mod. Failing to do so may bankrupt you if you cannot continue to make payments on it.

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.42.x

Authors: GaymerDC89

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