Reefer Load And Indicator Light Fix – Owned & Standalone Trailers V1.0.2 ATS (1.41.x)

American Truck Simulator Reefer Load and indicator Light Fix – Owned & Standalone Trailers V1.0.2 mod download.

1.41 Compatible – note: this may no longer be compatible with older versions of the game due to the name changes made with some loads to remove any brand names from the def files
This changes the trailer type to reefer only and properly enables the reefer running light for the following loads using owned & standalone reefers:

Frozen Food
Frozen Fruit
Frozen Vegetables
Ice Cream
Potatoes (still allows for hopper to use for farm bulk hauls)

Please let me know if you run into any problems as I have not been able to test every possible scenario.
NOTE: this only works with the 3 SCS reefer types on SCS trailers and may not work with those reefers on other reefer trailers such as the Utility mod etc. If you use the trailer specific reefers added with those trailer mods, they use their own reefer indicators but the load type change still impacts them as well.

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.41.x

Authors: Robinicus

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