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Scania 113H Torpedo V2.1 ETS2 1.39

Steering Wheel Options: (113H Originals)

Improvements in:
Flashlight, Lighthouse, Flashing arrows and D. Now everyone reflects on the floor.
Carpet options.
Camera can be turned at the back of the cabin.

SCANIA 113H Engine Options:
320, 360, 440, 620 and 750 Chipado.

SCANIA 113 H Sound Options:
Original and normal V8.
Original and V8 with Turbine Comb.

Tank options, round, square, painted or chrome.
Various color options on the cabin wall and ceiling.
Options for Armchairs and Bed Bank.
Cylinder tubes: Original black, chrome, single or double.
Battery Box: Chrome, original black or painted.
3 options for lockers.
Options for you to leave the interior customized to your taste, example:
Carpool seat, bed, peaker, curtains, TV, etc …
3D made from scratc and for new improved version.
3 – Exhaust options.
New 4×2 fenders customized and chrome.
New original and customized bumpers.
Front grille: Painted, normal matte or chrome.

3 – Chassis options: 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 original or lowered:
4×2 lowered and 6x2lowered.

Light in the cabin:
Orange, Marajoara Blue or White.

Version 2.1:
Update sound for 1.39

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: Fabio Contier

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