Schwarzmuller Dlc Europack V1.0 ETS2 (1.45)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Schwarzmuller DLC Europack v1.0 mod download.

Here is the adaptation of my Krone DLC Euro pack skins. I’m going to readapt update by update, the other skins will follow. Here are the skins of the 1.0 adapted for the schwarzmüller + exclusive skins for the schwarzmüller food tanker.
For more information on the updates, look at the change note.

Adapted skins of 1.0 version Krone DLC Europack :
Cooliner -> Schwarzmüller reefer : Da Silva – Gagne – Godfroy – Greilsammer – Grimaud – Intermarché – Klein – Olano – Pellet Moine – Petit Forestier – STG

Profi Liner -> Schwarzmüller Curtain Sider : Alain Foulon – Altrans – Ambroise Bouvier – Breger Mega – Gefco – Grimonprez – Hyper Volume – Jean Rouillon – Lambert – Les Routiers de l’Est

Exclusifs skins for the Schwarzmüller food tanker:
Anhalt (D)
Delisle (F)

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.45

Authors: Le Salé des Salines

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