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Scs Trailer Tuning Pack V1.8.3.1 ETS2 1.39

Changelog v1.8.3.1
– fixed some isue
– added missing details on Schmitz Reefer trailer
– added Schmitz Reefer trailer to traffic
– edited event “Hauling Hope” Schmitz reefer trailer

Changelog v1.8.3
– Reworked “Traffic & Not Ownable” kraker design trailer
– Added missing company skins from DLC countrys – not ownable
– Added 85% missing parts icons
– Added more lift axles options for container trailer
– Added markers with indicator option for container trailer
– Reworked Reefer box, some people was asking for it – something about doors
– Added Schmitz design reefer “Traffic & Not Ownable”
– Replaced event “Hauling Hope” trailer with SCS TTP Schmitz Reefer design trailer

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: SGdesign

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