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Sibirmap V2.1.1B ETS2 1.40

New in version 2.1.1b. :
Adaptation for game version 1.40.
Added own project and models of signs.
Added cutscenes.
Several new environment models have been added.
Fixed minor jambs and bugs.
New cities and territories were NOT added in this version (!)


Modification for the game ETS2 – SibirMap 2.0 (Map).
Version – 2.1.1b.

The Map of Siberia project is being revived, now it is a project for the default module (europe), at a default scale of 1:19.

Docking with the classic set of projects RM + SR + GS + VOLGA is planned.

Otherwise, the principles are unchanged:
– Detailed study of the area
– Custom objects
– Construction based on panoramas and satellite images
– Correct backing and docking of the card.

The first version implements the South Urals (Chelyabinsk and Orenburg regions, the Republic of Bashkiria).

Game version for the card: 1.40.
Required MAP DLCs: ALL (Going East, Scandinavia, Viva la France, Italia, Beyond Baltic Sea, Road to Black Sea).

Objects and Prefabs:
– Denis Denlog
– Victoria Vic
– Artem SimKA
– Mitya (Mitriy124)
– 10Avoid

Consulting and technical support:
– Sanya Ribka
– Artem SimKA
– Mitya (Mitriy124)
– Roman 09_KZ

Special thanks for the support in mapping:
– Leonid Chernousov
– Sergey Zubarev
– Yulia Tkachenko
And also to everyone who supports the project with donations, likes, advertising.


– SibirMap 2.0 MapDef
– SibirMap 2.0 Model

– Rusmap (Map, Def, Model)
– GreatSteppe
– VolgaMap
– SouthernRegion
– SibirMap 2.0 UnderSRM

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The card can work autonomously! To run it offline, create a separate profile, in the Mods tab add the mod installation files in .scs format, in the module tab, select siburmap.mdb.

The card is compatible with Jazzycat traffic.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.40.x)

Authors: Author: Valery 10AVOIDAuthor of SibirMap objects: Denis DENLOG, Victoria VICTechnical support: Mitriy124, Roman KZ_09, Artyom Polynsky (SimKA), Sanya Ribka.Special thanks: Leonid Chernousov, Sergey Zubarev, Julia Tkachenko.

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