Sibirmap V2.1.2 ETS2 1.41

Changes in version 2.1.2:
Added: territories of Bashkiria and Orenburg (Tulgan, Izyangulovo). Beautiful terrain – mountain Urals.

Explore Chelyabinsk, added a new district of the city and district Chelyabinsk (owed from the past release). Created conditions for development in the direction of Ufa, Kurgan, Yekaterinburg.

The project of Siberia is reborn, now this is a project for a default module (Europe), on a default scale 1:19.

– Rusmap (Map, Def, Model)
– GreatSteppe
– Volgamap
– SouthernRegion
– SibirMap 2.1.2 MapDef
– SibirMap 2.1.2 Model
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.41.x)

Authors: 10AVOID The author of objects: Denis DENLOG, Alexander Odintsov. Technical support, tests: Alive55, Artyom Kazantsev, Artyom Polynsky, Yulia Tkachenko,

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