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Single-Multiplayer Mod Pack ETS2 1.39

As you know, Our previous site is closed
Given that You did not have access To the download link
We decided All modes and saves published , Compatible with version 1.39 of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game
To be published in a pack

Game Support Version: 1.39
Single player And Multiplayer Support

Save: Full Save Game ETS2 1.39 (NO DLC) MPModsDL
Mod 1: Personal Gift Trailer v1.1
Mod 2: Volvo 750HP Engine For All Trucks Mod V1.2
Mod 3: Scania 730HP Engine For All Trucks Mod v1.0
Mod 4: Green Lights For Trucks Mod v1.1
Mod 5: Roof Deflector For Scania R2009 Mod v1.1
Mod 6: Addon Hookups For All Trucks Mod v1.2
Mod 7: Hybrid Chrome Food Cistern Trailer Mod v1.2
Mod 8: Hybrid Schwarzmuller Food Tank Trailer Mod v1.1
Mod 9: Hybrid Food Tank Trailer Mod v1.1
Mod 10: Cement Mixer Trailer Mod v1.1
Mod 11: Open Side Trailer Mod v1.0

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: MpModsDL

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