Stock Motor Booster V1.1 ATS (1.43.x)

American Truck Simulator Stock Motor Booster V1.1 mod download.

This mod improves the proformance of all the
scs engines in all the scs trucks…
They will accelerate faster…They will
have better climbing power and better top speed..
Nothing to buy. It works upon activation.
Place above all truck mods as they may have conflicting files.
Update: 11/13/21 The power of the engines has been adjusted to try to
get rid of the lunge that can occur from the engine
being to high power.
It now also opens all engines at lvl one.
The idle RPM’s on all engines are lowered to 500 RPM’s
I have tested on both v1.42 and v1.43 bata.

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.43.x

Authors: K-DOG

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