Sunrise Sunset Year Round Length Of Day ATS (1.43.x)

American Truck Simulator Sunrise Sunset Year Round Length of Day mod download.

This is a monthly, day and night length settings mod.
July folder=daylight/nighttime length for July, longest day.
December Folder= daylight/nighttime length for December, longest night,
and so on.
UNZIP then paste
Simply paste all the months folders into your mod folder in Documents
each folder is the mod for that month, there is no need for
them to be in a zip file.
When the new month starts in the real world Acivate that month in the mod manager, after you get started you will need to deactivate the month before.
Mod of the month should ALWAYS be on top of load order.
Sunrise and sunset will happen at the time of day,
on the game clock, as it does in the real world for that month.
The game clock still runs faster. Does not make game clock run real time.
This can be used year after year and does not include daylight savings time.

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.43.x

Authors: K-DOG

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