Traffic Pack With Cars From Burnout Paradise, Watch Dogs, Just Cause 3 ETS2 1.41

All models are registered separately and do not replace anything.
It can be used together with other traffic packages.

Cars from Burnout Paradise:
Kitano Touge Sport
Krieger 616 Sport
Watson R-Turbo Roadster

Cars from Just Cause 3:
Autostraad D700
Kerner Serpente R
Mugello VIstosa
Stria Gioco
Stria Joia
Stria Switzo
Windhund 4

Cars from Watch Dogs:
Bogen 200
Bogen Carrozza
Bogen Hailkal R
Brubeck Core-T
Brubeck Fasto
Centaurus 550S
FIcarra Amargosa Turbo
Koln 500S
Sumitzu Rotor
Sumitzu Sculptor 2.5R
Targ Kirscher

Cars from GTA IV:
Benefactor Schafter
Dinka Chavos
Grotti Turismo
Ubermacht Rebla
Ubermacht Sentinel
For the game version 1.41
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.41.x)

Authors: grlk3512

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