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Volvo Fh16 2009 Heavy Duty Addon V2.1 ETS2 1.40

Changelog v2.1.0
Cabin deflectors which match the rear reflectors
Bottom grill accessory “The Plow 180O-MG”
Bottom grill accessory “Terminator 198-HD”
Volvo Tank Rack with Spare tyres
Compact Volvo Tank Rack in 3 variants
Dark variation for compact rear fenders
Paint variation for compact rear fenders
Light variation for stock rear fenders
Paint variation for stock rear fenders
Paint Detail variation for stock rear fenders
Plastic main mirrors with chrome trim
Plastic side mirrors with chrome trim
Plastic front mirrors with chrome trim
Stack exhausts that are compatible with the Volvo Tank Rack(s)
Large chassis tank options

Rear fenders are now split between two slots
Chassis tanks are now an accessory and can be changed
Yet again the Volvo Tank/Storage racks have been reworked for a better fit/appearance

Fixed fender material settings
Fixed various mudflap issues (strange shadow, clipping etc)
Fixed various rear light issues
Fixed front mirrors conflict configuration
Fixed compatibility with v1.40

Upgrade Notes
Trailer Cables / Tank Racks
Almost all tanks were edited/modified in this update, so you may end up with a different tank than you had installed before. Don’t panic! This is expected.
If you want the previous tanks back, simply go re-install them at a service center.

Chassis Tanks
Your chassis tanks will disappear, they’re now an accessory instead of attached directly to the chassis model – go check out the new tank options!

When upgrading from a previous version of this mod, your rear fenders will disappear – this is normal – you must take your truck to a service center and install the new fenders (new slot located near back wheel, may appear dull) and confirm order. This will remove the old fenders accessory. Some slots will not be available until this procedure is completed.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.40.x)

Authors: BlackBloodRum

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