ETS2 – Sound Package (1.36.x)

This mod changes various sounds. You can change the sound of various places such as environmental sound, engine sound, AI sound, cabin sound. (Not applicable to some tracks.) ver 1.35.x & 1.36.x Supported game versions:…

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ETS2 – New Actros Mp4 Sound V1.1 (1.36.x)

– Changed HORN and AIR HORN; – Minor Fixes Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.36.x)

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ETS2 – Daf Xf 105 Engine Sound Pack V2.0 (1.36.x)

Hello guys, This mod change daf xf105 engines and engine sounds with new sounds 3 type of engine sound added(total 12 engines with different sounds) Standart scs engines are euro 4. mx_265k,mx_300k,mx_340k,mx_375k euro 5. mx13_265,mx13_300,mx13_340,mx13_375…

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ETS2 – Real D16 Engine Sound For Volvo Fh 2012 V2.0 (1.36.x)

Version 1.0: 1.36 ets2 game version Hi guys this mods change Volvo fh 2012(next gen) 16 liter D16 engines sounds change All Engine sounds change(retarder,engine brake tho) we dont touch air and gear etc pneumatic…

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ETS2 – Scania Nextgen Real V8 Sound V9.0 (1.36.x)

Competible 1.35-1.36 Hi guys this mod changes scs nextgen scania r and s v8 sound this mod changes what? -Scania nextgen r and s v8 sound. -Scania nextgen r and s v8 start sound stop…

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ETS2 – Man Tgx Euro 6 Real D38 Engine Sound V6.0 (1.36.x)

Version: 6.0. Game version 1.27-1.36. Hi guys this mod change scs man tgx euro d38 sound completly and trust me this is best man sound mod you ever seen this mod changes what? -Man tgx…

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