ATS – Double Trailer for Ats V1.0 (1.30.x)

Double Trailer for Ats. This mod replace dobule pup trailers to dobule tralers 45ft+45ft, so you can take a job with dobules everywhere and not only in Nevada. Compatible with WOTr online jobs. I can’t…

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ATS – Peterbilt 378 V3.0 for Ats (V1.29.x, 1.30.x)

Peterbilt 378 V3.0 for Ats. Standalone. For sale in the showroom “Kenworth”. Its interior (3 variants), there is a variant “without a rudder” for devices. Their sounds (Several options, depending on the brand of the…

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Ats – Original Company Truck Skins (1.30.x)

Skins for all SCS trucks, all cabs! 1 – Chemso Oil 2 – Bushnell Farms 3 – Darchelle Uzau 4 – Sell Goods 5 – Gallon Oil 6 – BITUMEN 7 – HMS Machinery 8…

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Ats – Peterbilt 378 (1.30.x)

Peterbilt 378 truck mod for ATs. Peterbilt 378 for American Truck Simulator Offline. Sold in the showroom “Kenworth”. Your interior (option 3), there is an option “no steering” for devices. Your sounds (Some options depend…

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Ats – Peterbilt 567 V1.0 (1.30.x)

Peterbilt 567 truck mod for ATS. – Standalone; – Dealer Peterbilt; – 1 cabin; – 1 chassis; – 4 of the engine; – 8 transmissions; – 1 interior; – Tuning is not (you can only…

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Ats – Freightliner Cascadia (1.30.x)

Freightliner Cascadia truck mod for Ats 1.30.x Buy it at PETERBILT dealership. Adaptation to 1.30.x ATS game version. 1 gamelog warning. Fix in progress. Do not affect to mod work properly. SiSL Megapack addon INCLUDED….

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