100 T Special Transports ETS2 1.40

This mod makes all special transport weights to 100 t

“Boiler part” from 45 t to 100 t
“Construction Staircase” from 50 t to 100 t
“Excavator Bucket” from 25 t to 100 t
“Giant Silo” from 40 t to 100 t
“Haul Truck Chassis” from 55 t to 100 t
“Heat Exchanger” from 70 t to 100 t
“High-Tech Device” from 45 t to 100 t
“Huge Tyres” from 20 t to 100 t
“Industrial Condenser” from 60 t to 100 t
“Massive Tech Part” from 44 t to 100 t
“Service Boat” from 25 t to 100 t

i’ve changed the weights to 100 t instead of 150 t (my previous mod), otherwise you will not be able to climb during the Stavanger to Oslo job

tested on 1.40

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.40.x)

Authors: towobay678

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