ATS – Atmx Map Addon V0.2 (1.33.x)

ITS A FICTIONAL MAP, with new roads, city names, etc etc etc…

25 cities/regions in this project.
You can combine with other maps like C2C, Canadream, Tonopah, Viva Mexico, Mexico Extremo, Messimap, and several addon maps. If you can combine with all, put the mod between Viva Mexico and C2C.

Eureka Road to Fabiola Montserrat (Via Alta T.)
Created Fabiola Montserrat

Fixed Kenworth in Fabiola Montserrat
Created some roads.
Created Axel Nahum Salgado, San Fernando and Acatlan
Fixed some details in terrains

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.33.x)

Authors: Alta Tension MX

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