ATS – B73Flys Edxp Us (1.34.x)

EDXP is the acronym for \”Enhanced Driving Experience\”.

This is a little mod package that I made in order to make the driving experience AND the in-game experience a little more \”realistic\”. It contains several modifications to definitions and sounds. It is essentially the same mod package as published in Euro Truck Simulator 2, but specifically for American Truck Simulator.

– Vehicles
  – Ford S-Max and Mercedes C-Class Estate are removed as they are not found in the United States.
  – All AI cars, trucks, and buses have realistic engine torque and top speed.
    – For every car, engine torque has been carefully researched. Each car will accelerate differently.
    – Top speed for every car varies according to their tire specifications based on research from the Tire Rack website.
    – Top speed for all cars towing trailers in California is 55 MPH (plus 10% speeding allowance).
    – Top speed varies for all trucks (65/72/78 MPH).
    – Top speed for all buses is 75 MPH.
    – Top speed for trams in San Francisco is 9 MPH.
  – In traffic, there are more variety of trailers (empty and loaded).
    – Combination Vehicles (CV) are included.
    – Traffic density has been reworked.
      – Special thanks to cipinho for letting me use part of his Real Traffic Density mod!
– World
  – Traffic signals have longer and realistic timings.
    – Green light interval is at least 20 seconds.
      – Left-turn interval is 10 seconds.
    – Amber (yellow) light interval is 4 seconds.
      – Left-turn interval is 3 seconds.
    – 2-second delay interval between signals.
– AI
  – Car, truck, and train sounds are emitted based on brand and engine specifications.
    – Example: If you see a Tesla, you\’ll hear a hint of electricity powering it.
  – Buses utilize a specific diesel sound.
  – Tire noises have been added to all AI vehicles.
  – Horn sounds for both cars and trucks have changed…even though 95% of the time the AI doesn\’t sound the horn, unless you intentionally stop your truck in the middle of the road.
  – Police sirens are replaced with more realistic-sounding ones (recorded from Whelen 295SL100 device).
– Environment
  – Bad Spring/Summer/Fall Weather
    – Rainfall is slightly louder, noticeable during heavy precipitation.
    – Feel Thor\’s power through your speakers with better thunder sounds!
  – Bad Winter Weather
    – When it is snowing, all you can hear is the sound of air (wind).
– Mover
  – Sounds have been added to various movers such as flags, commercial airliners, and even the F-22 Raptor.
– Truck
  – The default reverse alarm has been adjusted to a much lower pitch and longer tempo: tone emits for 0.5 seconds instead of the original 0.375 seconds.

Readme has been included inside the .RAR file for installation instructions. This mod must be installed at a higher priority over other sound or AI mods.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.34.x)

Authors: Boeing73FLY

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