ATS – Caterpillar 785C Mining Truck For Heavy Cargo Pack Dlc (1.33.x)

Changes v1.3 [UPD:13.12.18]:
– Updated trailer/cargo definitions for 1.33,
– Added the trailer to special transport routes.

Since 1.33 the trailer/cargo is available as a standard job as well as a special transport job.

This mod adds CAT (aka MUTT) 785C as a new heavy cargo to your game. It requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC because it uses some resources from that pack (jeep, spreader and some textures). The trailer provided with this mod is a modified 3 axle \”Lowboy 55L\” (aka Magnitude 55L) with added spreader attachment. Note: this load is very wide, wider than any currently available cargo in ATS – that might cause some issues.

-= Cargo specification =-
Weight: 167454 lbs / 75956 kg (chassis 120588 lbs / 54698 kg, body 46866 lbs / 21258 kg)
Width: 21 ft 4 in / 6.5 m
Height: 17 ft 4 in / 5.3 m
Overall trailer length: 88 ft 7 in / 27 m
Fragility: 0.3
Price coefficient: 2.6
Valuable: yes
Pick up at: HMS, Oakland Shipper, Plaster & Sons, Rail Export
Deliver to: Bitumen, Coastline Mining, Oakland Shipper, Plaster & Sons, Rail Export, Mud Creek Slide

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.33.x)

Authors: SCS, Harven

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