ATS – Cities Expansion v 1.2.1 [C2C Compatible Version] (1.28.X)

Cities Expansion v 1.2.1 [C2C Compatible Version] Mod.

V1.2.1 & V1.2.1 (C2C) = – Fix Wells city that has sunk
– Add Laytonville, McDermitt & Wells city limit and leaving city signs

V1.2 (C2C) = – Fix bug of McDermitt company not showing up on the map
– Fix holes that were in McDermitt
– Remove the space in the name of the city of McDermitt and add a dot at the end of it to avoid crash due to the name that is already use by C2C
– Fix Wells & McDermitt that were shown as Californian cities

This map mod add three cities all with two drop off points!
Cities Expansion: Laytonville, McDermitt & Wells

For the Cities Expansion (C2C Compatible Version):
Place the Cities Expansion above C2C mod to make it work!

You must use only one version of Cities Expansion! Choose V1.2.1 (C2C) if you play with the C2C map mod or choose V1.2.1 if you are not using C2C!

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.28.X

Authors: P16

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