ATS – Dalton And Elliot Extreme – Winter Edition (1.39.x)

Added in Pump Station 1 and Flow Station 3 going towards Nuiqsut from Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay.
This wasnt quite ready for release yet however due to an issue with Western Star Truck Dealer in Fairbanks
I have had to release early.
If you decide to go any further down the road exploring be warned it is not blocked off down there and is not finished by a longshot.

As I am now using some models from Colorado DLC this is now required with this update as well as all previous map DLC’s.
Sorry for the lack of warning but the Kenworth/Western Star bug took a priority there.

There is a security gate at the beginning of the entrance to the road to the oilfields and Arctic Ocean. This is there irl.
Some new signs added.

There are now Deer and Moose on the Dalton. Beware they might cross the road looking for food
in some places.

Moved Western Star Truck Dealer from Fairbanks to Farmers Loop due to an issue that caused Kenworth to think it was Western Star.
Farmers Loop reworked to accomodate.
This is at the top of the hill coming out of Fairbanks where the Sourdough Truckstop is.

Fixed as many errors as I could find.
Cleaned up some terrain issues. (This is a never ending process.)
Changed some parked vehicle models due to shadow issues.

Files have been Renamed to reflect version number

Please DELETE any previous versions of all Dalton Winter Files to avoid conflicts.
As well as Required Files and Heavy Cargo. Always use the latest files contained in the archive incase of updates to them.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.39.x)

Authors: Hawkbs, Piva, Nico, FLD, SCS Software

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