ATS – Detroit Series 60 Engines Pack V1.0 (1.37.x)

Detroit Series 60 Engine Pack – this mod will allow all the stock SCS trucks and the mod trucks listed to use the new Series 60 engine sounds in the 1.37 Beta when using the engines below. Any other engines in those trucks will use the stock SCS sounds. This is not compatible with older game versions.

This is the first engine bank I created using FMOD and it will be tweaked over time to fine tune the sound.

Mod trucks supported:
BigDaddyT150’s W900A
Harven’s FLB
GTM 567 & W900B
Lucasi’s 9800
Overfloater’s K100E
Viper2’s 379/389
XBS’ Autocar AT & DC

Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7L
400 (1650 lb-ft)
450 (1650 lb-ft)
500 (1650 lb-ft)
525 (1750 lb-ft)

Detroit Diesel Series 60 14.0L
550 (1850 lb-ft)
565 (1850 lb-ft)
600 (2050 lb-ft)
650 (2250 lb-ft) Heavy Haul Spec
735 (2450 lb-ft) Offroad Haul Spec

Tested on game version 1.37.x

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.37.x)

Authors: Robinicus

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