ATS – Jaguar Xj (1.31)

A converted version of the old Jaguar XJ 2014 from ETS2. The car now corresponds to its real characteristics, rapid acceleration to 100 km / h and a top speed of about 240 km / h. Simulate the automatic transmission, no shifts, set mode D and you can go (in the cabin no shift knob, too, no). Rear drive. Load on the axes is real, therefore it brakes well, is controlled too. Old bad interior textures have been replaced with the highest quality ones (seen in the picture even from afar). The model is made soundly, therefore the machine is assigned game numbers, janitors working both outside and inside. The game physics is not affected, it is specially made to use the machine together with the trucks. The fashion directory has been cleared as much as possible from the mention that it was a superb road, even its own camera in the car’s salon is attributed. There is a small jamb, due to the fact that in the game surfaces are displayed only on one side, the driver’s door through the hole for the glass appears through the road.

Find in Kenworth, the order of installation is elementary, the downloaded archive is thrown into the folder and activated in the game menu.

Authors: Azorax Modding, adapted for ATS ETS3

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