ATS – Kenworth W900L Big Bob Edition Truck v 2.0 (1.29.X)

Kenworth W900L Big Bob Edition Truck Mod. Kenworth gallery.

Version 2.0:
* Revision and correction of default model SCS
* Eventually 3 types of cabin: default (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inch) with vents (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inch) and increased the factory (Studio Sleeper 86 inch)
* Default day cab, and frame for them was removed
* 3 types of sleeping bag in intrieri corresponding to the cabs
* Replaced the interiors in the external models to the internal HD
* Changed the geometry of the opening front Windows, aligned to the external model the point of fixing of the canopy also meets the external model
* Windshield stand more upright, are consistent with the external models
* 3 frames (265 inches), 3 frames (275 inches), 1 frame (285 inches),1 frame (295 inches),1 frame (305 inches)
* The track of the front wheels is reduced, in accordance with the real
* steps, toolbox, auxualy power(odd_fellow), added in the accessory section
* 3 completely new bumper (20 inches) with the possibility of installation of the driver plate
* 1 new V style visor (12-inch)
* Added the CBS station (the author odd_fellow) in interior design, repurposed materials.the station is a separate slot
* Added in salon 2 of the shift lever (author odd_fellow), one stock and the second long, with vozmozhnostyu tuning
* Reconfigured almost all materials and textures on the truck and in the interior
* Of the interior now you can see the antenna on the bars mirrors
* Canted grille in accordance with the actual geometry (by default it is vertical)
* Made a brighter red nameplate on the hood
* Reduce by 10 percent the size of the mirrors on the hood
* The suspension made softer on all frames, now nice ride rocking more default very oak
* Reconfiguring the camera in the cabin, 67 fov and other settings turning the head
* Increased the range point settings of the camera, by default it was impossible closer to the dash to install the camera
* Replaced the default model radio, model odd_fellow, set up the materials. radio a separate slot.
* Reconfigured the glow of the instruments
* In the salons of Exclusive illumination devices blue
* Added anchor points for accessory pack of SISL (requires original pack MEGAPACK SISL)
* The engine is now painted himself in the choice of the engine itself
* Did the material of the headlights is separate from the Windows of the cabin
* Set up the reflection glass in the cabin and on the external model
* Came up with such a chip, the plate on the bumper, same as in torpedo, where you can write text. will have 3 of my bumpers at different locations
* Moved the flags oversize on the bumper
* The ends of the wings of the hood is more rounded than the default
* A set of details attached to certain items and will not be active on the other.

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.29.X

Authors: Big_Bob

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