ATS – Mack R V1.1 (1.31.X)

Update 1.1
Did a small update to v1.1:
– Added 3 spoke steering wheel (2 variants),
– Added fully painted grill (frame is on the template, the rest is in skin base color),
– Fixed windshield accessory slots (were upside-down),
– Fixed square tanks chrome straps (were showing truck skin on the bar),
– Fixed round air cleaners inlets (were in wrong place on the template),
– Made the left/right indicators visible from the interior not light up when turning electricity on (or at least light up for a shorter time ;)).
Features (original):
– Real dimensions based on Mack specs,
– Real engines and transmissions with torque curves, ratios and other parameters,
– Fully animated detailed interior,
– All standard SCS truck features, like advanced coupling, trailer cables, etc.
– Detailed models based on many reference photos (thanks to Trayscapes and Google images), with reasonable triangle count which should not kill your GPU ;),
– Beautiful engine sounds made by Kriechbaum (6v92, Mack E6) and recorded by Trayscapes (Mack E6),
– Original paint jobs made by Lucasi, Pauly and me (not my wife this time, she’s babysitting currently ;),
– No errors, no warnings and hopefully not conflicting with other mods (nah, there is always a poor mod that will break things 😉 but not this one!),
– Next Gen Scania paintjob system (all skinnable parts have their own templates, except air cleaners, they are on the cab template),
– Currently only R600 hood with day cab.

Note: Fresh and clean from the Workshop.
Replace the mod on your folder “Mod”, the game will have an updated truck. Have a fan 🙂

Authors: Harven, Kriechbaum, Pauly, Lucasi, Trayscapes, RTA

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