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ATS – No Loud Sounds Addon for Improved Trains (1.39.x)

No Loud Train Sounds addon for Improved Trains
This addon reduce the very Loud train sounds in Improved Trains mod to comfortable volume

Load Order:
Put this addon above Improved Trains mod in load order. relative position with other addons does not matter.
the addon works with any addons for the Mod Improved trains including ProMods Canada addon
(“Steam Era” and “Trains Everywhere” mods are not an addon to the Improved Trains mod and are considered in this context as the main mods)

Worked in ATS and ETS2

If the volume of trains with my mods in your game is acceptable,
you do not need to install this addon,
perhaps the trains will seem too quiet or you will not hear at all.
Supported game versions: ATS – (1.39.x)

Authors: POWE®FULL™

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