ATS – Physics Mods V2.5 – For Manual Drivers (1.28.X)

Physics Mods V2.5 – For Manual Drivers Mod. Here the v2.5 of the Physics. Still in wip. Hi guys, This physics change the transmission feel and suspension.[UPDATE]: That is new in this update v2.5.– Work with 4 trucks for now:Peterbilt 389 SCS. Peterbilt 579 SCS. Kenworth W900 SCS. Kenworth T680 SCS. #For the transmission:– Nothing has changed for the Automatic Transmission. still the same from the last update: v2.3. – Next update will be more focus on that. – The clutch engage at very low, but is still easy to use. – Transmission have now some little bit of resistance. – The RPM will take time to go down in RPM. (You are at 1500RPM, it will take more time to go at 1000RPM then stock physics.).
– More coming out for the Transmission. #For the Suspension: – Now you have cabin mouvement like real truck (I don’t why it was deactivated.) – Cabin suspension work with SCS Truck for now. – Wheel suspension travel is increase. – OLD: Now the trailer will and roll by it self and not being one piece with the truck – You may see the cabin moving when turning or going on something. – Now wheel can slip, so be carefull. #Others: – Now tires can slip, so be carefull. – Still in WIP ! The goal is that I want to make the “worst” physics to a “real feel” physics, I never drive a real truck in real life, but I can make it from Youtube Video. Recommended to use with a steering wheel and clutch pedal, but you can use this mod with other controlers ! I can update the mod for you if you want !

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.28.X

Authors: SCS, oXyDe.DRIVERS

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